Accelerator Upgrade

The Alpha™ Rack and Pinion Accelerator upgrade is the ideal solution for tube and pipe producers seeking improved operational performance. Designed to significantly improve repeatability of cut length tolerance, the installation will improve mill productivity and reduce maintenance. The upgrade is simple to install and requires no special foundation.

Prime candidates for the Alpha™ Rack and Pinion Accelerator upgrade include Alpha™ Shears with unreliable, maintenance intensive hydraulic accelerator units.

Many original equipment flying shear cutoffs were installed with maintenance intensive hydraulic accelerators with continue to need frequent tuning to maintain cut length accuracy. This installation eliminates these requirements and provides many benefits.


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AC Motor Technology

  • Higher throughput
  • Repeatable cut length tolerance
  • Reduced scrap

Simple Maintenance

  • Simple access lubrication points for quick greasing
  • Straightforward maintenance processes

Rack and Pinion Drive

  • Improved cut length accuracy
  • Low backlash design
  • Greater dependability

Closed Loop Control System

  • Optimized continuous closed loop control
  • Dieset and tube speed position feedback
  • Simple drive tuning