Flying Shear Controller Upgrade

Available for all Alpha™ Flying Shears, the Alpha™ Flying Shear Controller Upgrade improves reliability and provides a simple, user friendly process for real-time control.  Change part-length on the fly, reduce setup time with stored recipes, increase control via real-time feedback, and benefit from increased service potential and future software updates.

The Alpha™ Controller Upgrade replaces obsolete control systems that are no longer serviceable or supportable. While older controllers are proprietary dedicated microprocesser based CPUs, the Alpha™ Flying Shear Controller Upgrade utilizes an Allen-Bradley PLC and other readily available components ensuring long-term viability. Simple PLC based controls allow customers to perform simple programming changes and mill integration.

*Images and features may vary based on application.


Inductotherm Ondarlan

Pol. Txirrita-Maleo Nº10 CP: 20100 Errentería (Gipuzkoa) España
GPS: N 43º 18´ 23" W 1º 54´ 40"

  • Phone: (+34) 943 63 50 79
  • Fax: (+34) 943 63 50 74


  • Simple and fast replacement of Alpha™ Flying Shear Control Systems
  • Up to date touchscreen interface with readily available service support
  • Updated electrical schematics for all Alpha™ Flying Shears
  • Real-time encoder based accelerator and press axis feedback for accurate cutting control
  • Allen-Bradley® PLC based servo control system
  • Easy-to-use operator controls and display screen
  • On the fly production part length and batch changes
  • Storage of up to 12 cut length batches for sequenced processing
  • Automatic conversion between Metric and English units
  • Multiple languages available

*Allen-Bradley is a trademark of Rockwell Automation, Inc.