CS2-170 Cold Saw

For precision milled cuts on pipe up to 6.625 inches (170 mm) diameter, the CS2-170 two bladed cold saw performs at speeds up to 265 FPM (80 MPM). The blades for this saw are driven by two heavy duty 40 HP AC servo motors and are monitored through speed feedback control to maintain constant speed and torque through the cutting cycle. The result is a precision milled cut for large diameter tube and pipe. The Alpha CS2-170 has a dual blade design with variable blade speed to optimize blade life and cut quality. This saw also contains an electric ball screw for blade motion guided by heavy duty linear rails.


Inductotherm Ondarlan

Pol. Txirrita-Maleo Nº10 CP: 20100 Errentería (Gipuzkoa) España
GPS: N 43º 18´ 23" W 1º 54´ 40"

  • Phone: (+34) 943 63 50 79
  • Fax: (+34) 943 63 50 74


  • Rack and pinion for accurate cut length
  • Tracking wheel or laser tracking of tube speed available
  • Dynamic home saw positioning to maximize production capability
  • Helical gear spindle for low-backlash positive blade drive
  • Low vibration blade drive system
  • Manual and automatic blade set-up
  • On-center hydraulic tube clamping
  • Control system includes full simulation mode
  • Crop and Test cutting capability
  • Message/report system for fault diagnostics and troubleshooting

Tech Specs

Maximum Tube O.D. 6.625″ (170 mm)
Minimum Tube O.D. 0.500″ (12.7 mm)
Maximum Wall Thickness 0.250″ (6.4 mm)
Minimum Wall Thickness 0.028″ (0.71 mm)
Material CRS/HRS
Maximum Mill Speed 265 FPM (80 MPM)*
Cut Length Tolerance 0.080″ (2 mm)
Accelerator Motor 100 HP Drive (200 HP optional)
Blade Motor 30 HP
Line Direction Right to Left / Left to Right
Pass Line Height 36″ (914 mm) Nominal