Meltminder 300 Melt Shop Control and Management Systems

Our Meltminder® 300™ Melt Shop Control and Management Systems provide the highest level of melt automation technology.

These digital control systems are designed to support precise, highly responsive and fully programmable control, which is important to the safe and efficient operation of today’s induction melting equipment. They are PLC-based and take the features of our Melt-Manager® Plus® Control Systems a step further. They are designed around an industrial ethernet network to provide the furnace operator with the tools needed to precisely control and monitor the entire melting process, from charging to melting to tapping. Meltminder® 300™ Melt Shop Control and Management System includes all the features provided by Melt-Manager® Plus® Control System as well as the following benefits:

Immediate Access to System Data

Provides melt shop supervisors and managers with the broad range of data they need to monitor, evaluate and plan melt shop operations. Customers have access to a comprehensive MySQL database as well as variables within the PLC, providing limitless access to operational data.

Melting System Control

Temperature based controls can calculate up to designated temperatures and apply hold power to reduce energy usage and avoid superheating. This control system also provides automated sintering and cold start features.


With its easy-to-use and intuitive screens and robust industrial hardware, this system is surprisingly easy to master and maintain. Its graphical presentation of operational data makes the information clearer and easier to understand.


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Tech Specs

Standard FeaturesOptional FeaturesFactory Tested
Automated Control of the Complete Melt CycleAnalysis of Available Materials and Recommendations for Charge Make-UpCritical Components
Real-Time Modeling of Furnace Bath TemperatureWeight, Power and Temperature Scoreboard
Automated and Fully Programmable Control of Furnace Sintering
Cold Start Schedule Control
Real-Time Monitoring of Furnace Charging with Load Cells
Real-Time Monitoring of System Water Temperatures
Interface with Power Utility Demand Controller Systems
Comprehensive Record-Keeping and Detailed Data Generation
Touch Screen Remote Display
System Operation Diagnostics
Interface With Plant Network
Holding System Control
Energy Consumption Monitoring