Plate Saw

The Plate Bridge and Plate Gantry Saws, which is part of the Savage Saw product line, is Thermatool’s solution for companies looking to cut stainless steel or other specialty alloys in a high production environment using both dry and wet abrasive cutting techniques. The plate saw will precision cut up to a 12″ (300 mm) thick plate x 144″ (3650 mm) long. This process is fully automated and only requires the operator to enter in the cutting requirements. A precision back gauge, ball transfer table, and side guide alignment option allow the operator to easily position the material and the saw to precision cut the plate. Other features include swarf dragout conveyor, traveling dust/smoke vent, coolant filtration (wet cutting only) and oscillation (where applicable). This machine with touch screen controls will allow your operator to efficiently dimension plate to size with unparalleled speed and the saw cut having a machine like finish with ±.010″ per vertical inch squareness and ±.032 length tolerance.


Inductotherm Ondarlan

Pol. Txirrita-Maleo Nº10 CP: 20100 Errentería (Gipuzkoa) España
GPS: N 43º 18´ 23" W 1º 54´ 40"

  • Phone: (+34) 943 63 50 79
  • Fax: (+34) 943 63 50 74



  • Cut stainless steel or other specialty alloys in a high production environment.
  • Precision cut up to a 12” (300 mm) thick plate by 144” (3650 mm) long.
  • Equipped with blade spindle oscillation to improve cut quality, reduce cut time and increase blade life.
  • Programmed step cutting feature.
  • Servo controls with touch screen input for easy operation and programmed stitch cut process.
  • Designed with rigidity to ensure the efficient use of high horsepower. Spindle motor is constant torque hydraulic motor on machines over 150 HP.
  • Fully automated process requiring the operator to enter in the cutting requirements only.


  • Position / Rotary table
  • Coolant filtration
  • Chip drag out conveyor
  • Custom material handling

Tech Specs


Model WJS-20 WJS-30 WJS-40 WJS-60 SP1300 (Custom)
Capacity 3″ x  12′  x 12′ 4″ x  12′  x  12′ 6” x 12′  x  12′ 8” x 12′ x  12′ 12” x 5’ x 12’
Blade Dia 30″ 36″ 36” 46” 54”
Power 60Hp 100Hp 150 HP 250 HP 300Hp


Model RS-1020T RS-1030T
Capacity 4″ x 12′ x 12′ 8″ x 12′ x 12′
Blade Dia 32″ 32″
Power 20Hp 30Hp